About Aoshikang
Aoshikang is reshaping to create an innovative, motivating, efficient, and high-quality governance structure with leadership in the circuit board industry. This aims to comprehensively enhance the employees' level of work engagement, facilitate greater involvement of all members in terms of intellect, time, passion, and resources to provide the best service to our customers, thereby driving the company's comprehensive, sustainable, and high-quality development.
  • Informatization strategy
    The strategy focuses on the core value of ROE (Return on Equity) and the operational cornerstone of IT (Information Technology), using these as focal points to drive coordinated development across other modules. Emphasizing "Quality, Efficiency, and Cost" as core operational elements, we integrate five modules (PMC, Product, EAM, IT, HR) to form a closed loop. This integration breaks down communication barriers between departments, enabling mutual empowerment and resource sharing.

    All business activities are supported by “requirement-compliant” processes; all processes are IT-enabled and supported by IT systems. We continuously reevaluate and refresh our “IT Management Baseline” to achieve consistency in process parameters, quality, materials, equipment, and personnel.
  • Cloud-Based Kun Peng Academy- Aoshikang's Knowledge Internet+
    Aoshikang is committed to continuous IT construction and transformation, ensuring traceability for every department, employee, machine, process, and material. This enables data visualization, transparency, and timeliness. Our IT construction makes the value of each individual more transparent and data-driven, promoting fair, just, and open management. This ensures that employee remuneration and growth are strongly correlated with value creation.
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