Supply Chain
Purchasing Strategy
  • Procurement Policies
    Equality and Mutual Benefit, Information Management, Transparent Procurement, Collaborative Efficiency
    Equality and Mutual Benefit: Always committed to creating an environment of equality and mutual benefit, seeking the sustainable and efficient use of resources and energy, enabling more efficient and transparent cooperation.
    Information Management: Building a comprehensive material database, standardizing business operations; integrating systems like SRM for information data management.
    Transparent Procurement: Achieving traceability and tracking throughout the entire procurement process, from requisition, to transfer, to ordering, to receiving and dispatching, to quality inspection and reconciliation. All processes are managed online with collaborative data collection. A standardized anti-corruption system is established to create a favorable cooperation environment for suppliers offering quality products at reasonable prices.
    Collaborative Efficiency: By integrating internal systems and collaborating externally, close relationships with upstream and downstream suppliers are established, further promoting business development.
  • Procurement Objectives
    Zero Defect Quality, 100% On-Time Delivery
    Adhering to the principles of timely, appropriate location, fair pricing, and suitable quality, the goal is to achieve zero defect quality in procurement materials. Aoshikang strives for 100% on-time delivery fulfillment in procurement.
Building an Innovative PCB Industry Chain
Empower horizontally across industry clusters, and drive vertically the development of the entire supply chain, including upstream raw materials, midstream copper clad laminates and PCB manufacturing, and downstream PCB applications. This approach aims to promote the overall transformation of the printed circuit board industry chain towards the mid-to-high-end market.
  • Global Partner Conference
  • Global Partner Conference
  • Global Partner Conference
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